About Me

I’m a programmer and entrepreneur with no fixed address. This is my blog about travel and the expat lifestyle. I also blog about technology and programming here. You can follow me on twitter and github. All photos on this site were taken by me unless otherwise credited.



  1. Jonathan · March 9, 2016

    Nice blog! I too live in Berlin (2 years) and work remotely mostly, thinking of going exploring hoping between co-working places (currently in Krakow past 2 weeks). Do you ever feel being so far away in Asia, a different timezone sometimes loses you work or limits your clients? I freelance in animation. Was planning on doing mini 3-4 week europe city hopping, a semi-digital nomad experiment (gf is full-time so can’t just upsticks).


  2. Alexander · January 21

    Thank you for the information! I am 24 and have decided to take my consulting full time and go remote. This is really inspirational.


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